Some Obscurish facts
Those who believe in 'smokers rights' would be well advised to consider the case of Helena, Montana, a city of about 70,000 that banned indoor smoking in public places in June 2002. The heart attack rate immediately began to decline, and by 6 month's time there were 58% fewer heart attacks for people living inside the city limits - but NO decrease for people living in the same area, but in places without a similar ban!! When the Big Tobacco lobby succeeded in 'persuading' the state legislature to make such bans illegal, the number of heart attacks in the city immediately began to climb again, and within a few months had returned to normal. // Exposure to smoke, whether first or second hand, causes platelets (the blood cells that cause clotting) to become stickier, which leads to more frequent clotting in a matter of 30 minutes, and hence an increase in blockage of blood vessels leading to the heart - heart attack!!
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