LWNetwork Update 0.8

An updated version of LWNetwork is in progress. Currently it’s on 0.8.4 as we’ve had to recode a lot on the back end scripts and completely rework a lot of the HTML and CSS.

The new version should be more compatible with Desktop, Mobile or Tablet. rather than the desktop centric version we have now.

Additional content to follow perhaps.

API’s will continue to work but some will be updated with a new display method, this will all be explained in the documentation. We checked the most used versions and this should have no impact if you still want the legacy adding ?legacy=1 to the end of the URL should resolve this.

API documentation will be updated along with a notification on first and tenth login to the panel.

The new UI has a significant increase in Javascript but should not impact performance with the removal of images and legacy browser support (basically anything on windows Vista and older) which accounts for below 0.01% of our site traffic.

Sites that use our API’s should be unaffected as they continue to use code supported by browsers that should have died multiple decades ago. We’ll test as many browsers as we can’t guarantee if issues arise please submit a support ticket.

Author : Capt.Crash