Our changing World

Firstly let me share some information I have learned from others.

Our hearts tell our brains what to do 70% of the time, our heart produces 60 times more energy than our brain, so doing what our heart wants to do is the smart move. Listen to your feelings.  I already understood this one.

Did you know that when you die you weigh 21 grams less? That’s what the life energy weighs.

We look at our world and see we do not know how anything important works! Here are a couple I have noticed myself.

Gravity affects us every day yet we know nothing of this force other than what it does. Either we are not as smart as we think we are or this is being held back for some reason.

Music affects us, sometimes deeply and yet we do not know how or why.

I was watching a documentary and the presenter was saying how the evidence was clear for the slow change to the world over millions of years. It struck me at that time, that to me at least, the reverse was true. All that I have seen and been told of suggested a very different course for our world.

Be sure that change comes to this world quickly, the idea of gradual change over vast amounts of time gives us a wonderful safe feeling, a theory to make us feel good that the self centred chant to justify not taking action to protect their fellows while at the same time they work feverishly to ensure their own protection. The problem is there is absolutely no evidence for gradual change other than in short periods of stability. What there is evidence of is sudden devastating and massive catastrophic change, time and time again, this is evident in the history of the continents, in the profusion of fossils and the extinctions they clearly show. It is also apparent in the history of the peoples of this world.

How are fossils formed? by being buried that’s how and not slowly as we have been told but with indecent speed, this world has been totally rearranged several times. We are living in a world we do not understand, nor do we understand what we are or what is happening. We have also clearly had information about our past systematically collected and destroyed over thousands of years while at the same time we have been provided with distractions and disinformation to keep us busy. Well we have come to the turning point, a time when the dinosaurs that still impose their will upon us will be finally buried like the fossils they are.

When we are young and learning to see, we see all, after that we see what we expect, what is it we expect? What we have been programmed to believe! In this way we are controlled and manipulated into creating and maintaining our own cages, making us the perfect farm animal. It is our own fault as we have been too asleep to even notice. We know deep down that it is all wrong and the program has an answer for those that awake enough to feel this. It says, wait a saviour will come and rescue you, all you have to do is sit back and wait. It will all be fine. This is total crap! What will happen is that the self proclaimed shepherds of humanity will come to cull the flock, all the while playing the role that they have told you about from the their first take over thousands of years ago. That time when they setup the time loop of fear, this existance that we repeat, time and time again.

Now is the time to wake up and look about you, time is short, review the world, listen to the evidence that is clearly there, do not do as the scientist does that upon finding evidence of something that does not fit the programmed theory averts their eyes and hurries on as if nothing happened. They seek refuge in a single science and avoid any overlap, so much easier. Just think about this for a second, if this “logic” is applied to say the software on a computer, we can have an expert who can manipulate, fix and repair code in his world of software, his knowledge is supreme. But one day the power supply dies. A hardware problem, suddenly our software expert has no ability to fix the problem or indeed any way to even understand it. His world ended with the failure of that power supply.

If we view the information that is found at its face value instead of allowing ourselves to be guided by “experts” with a vested interest in the status quo who themselves are hypnotized by the control system we would have a very different understanding of this world, its history and our place in it.

I imagine we would have a much clearer idea of who we are, what has gone before and what it is we are supposed to be doing. In this world of multilayered deception only looking within and feeling the rightness of a thing can we be sure. In this world it is difficult to even trust our minds. And voices in the head that argue do not belong, they encourage doubt, they are not us, they are the feeding attachment that works against us, it triggers emotions and irrational fears. All to feast on the energy so created, meanwhile you are a mess of emotions and have no idea why. You discover that others are like this and begin to think that this is normal. Sadly it is, as nearly all are afflicted in this manner. But it is not supposed to be!

The program says one person cannot make a difference, they lie, one person can make all the difference. Being a leader or a super star is not important, just being is! At some point the 100 monkeys principle will affect humanity and when it does then the world will change away from the deceptions and selfishness of the controllers and a new paradigm will emerge that will see all as equals with none excluded. A new world based on service to each other and not self gratification at the expense of others.

“STS” Service to self, is an explanation of the intention of these controllers. Call it evil, self focus, self interest, greed, to have at the expense of others, no conscience, no empathy, looking out for number one, and like in the movie the highlander, in the end there can only be one. So we must be clear what we are dealing with is a “one” in control. Such is the nature of the beings that manipulate us, feed of us and in all ways control us. They are expert at deception, distraction and manipulation, vastly ahead of us in technology, light years behind us in what makes us human, tolerance, caring, empathy, compassion and love.

They fear us, they fear we will awake and free ourselves of their control. They fear no longer having us as a food source, they fear in general, their life is fear. This is a weakness they have placed in us, to control us with fear is their favoured method as it is most effective against them. We need to be fearless in our lives, to not fear the future, or the past, but most of all to not fear now. This is our biggest challenge.

Now a good question at this point would be who are “they?” They are what we think they are! Some see them as reptiles, some as grey aliens, others as channelled voices, some as fairies, goblins, elves and dwarfs and many other variants. They are all the same thing. How can this be you ask? Well it may be handy to recall the way the world was depicted in the movie the Matrix. In that movie we see the agents, they are part of the program and manifest in it as any person. Well this world is much the same only the agents manifest in any number on forms.

Once we come to terms with this we are then lead to ask who controls the matrix, and the answer is the matrix itself does, it is a created energy form that is fear itself. It requires fear to maintain it, and it uses its agents to create the fear it needs. It has been reinforced by our belief in it over thousands of years. As in the movies these agents are real to us. We have to learn to overcome our fears, to stop feeding the matrix and as more refuse to feed it the weaker it becomes, the weaker it becomes the more we can see its deceptions. We have lost our path and become trapped within this time loop of fear. The sad part is that the even in death many are still trapped within this matrix. Just on other levels of it.

I know many will have asked: Why are we here? Why is life the way it is? In the dark hours when we are free of the days distractions these questions and others haunt us. With cold clarity we see our mortal being and the bleakness of our existence. These though are not thoughts we like to face so we ignore them and hurry on, but at what cost?

The thing is there are very many people alive today that have understood that we are in a realm of deception, in gaining this understanding they have come to it by different paths, some of them appear bizarre in the extreme yet each has at its core a strong element of truth. I think that this is much how it has always been. Just more are open to discovering the deception now than has been the case in the past. To paraphrase a text I once read, “truth is like a shattered mirror its many pieces all about and every so often a person finds a piece and clearly sees its truth and thinks this bit is the whole.”

I believe that this what we are seeing today as many find small pieces and run with them as the importance of the message is clear. What would be nice would be to bring these pieces together free of the additional interpretations and speculations that inevitably get added as each tries to make their piece fit with what is known. There are two problems with this, one; who can say what we know is correct and two; being only a small part it is not possible to understand the full picture. It is like the blind men and the elephant.

We live in a fear run existence that uses us as fear batteries, it actually uses all negative energies but fear is the key. Service to others is a key to removing our focus away from ourselves and to remove fear from our lives. In all that we experience I have learned there is only one truth and that is: Infinite love is the only truth everything else is illusion.

On the edge of yesterday, today dawns with tomorrows promise.

Author : Mud