A brief history of Terra — Near the beginning —

(A short story)

Spin me back down the years to a long, long, long ago time, before we chose the path we now follow, or have the bodies we now inhabit, to a time when we were free.

The world below shone bright, its atmosphere composed of miles of gaseous water which hid the land masses in a mask of clouds, this was a world in an state we would now view as paradise. The surface never sees the sun except as a diffused somewhat brighter light than that of the nights which are lit by the yellow and green glow of the tiny creatures that swirl about in the atmosphere.

On the surface the entire planet is a tropical wonderland, trees tower into the clouds and are shrouded in a constant misty rain that never stops. There are animals, unfamiliar to what we are used to now, also in this world are people, that while related to us are very different indeed. It is difficult to explain with detail these beings as we now live in bodies and a world vastly different from the one currently described, From our perspective they would be energy, but that is not quite right either. I can tell you that they lived in complete harmony with this world.

They served Terra and the Terra served them. They called themselves the people, though it is expressed as a concept rather than a word. Terra feeds them and all its creatures, none are neglected and all have plenty. All the beings of this world live very long lives, measured in thousands of years by our scale.

In this world the people learned the lessons of being, learning to feel the energies and the force of life. There was no arguments, no fights, no greed, no possession, no misery, no sex, no pleasure, no pain, and no talking with sound, only love. They understood injury and weakness as with their caring for the creatures and plants of Terra they experienced this and would help heal them.

Their life was spent having fun with the plants and creatures, taking joy in their growth and exploits. In this world the mind was individual and yet it was many, the people in any part of this world could see what any other being saw and feel what they felt, sharing equally life’s experience with it essences as each being is a duality within itself while also being one of the whole, it touch with its central unity. All are one and connected by a bond. A bond of love we have only the very faintest inkling of.

When a creature or plant requires the service of the people it asks via Terra’s energy fields, by a form of telepathy that all shared. The energies came up from Terra and blessed the people and all living things with its healing and life sustaining qualities. The people in service to Terra enjoyed a happy and joy filled existence bringing harmony and balance to Terra’s many life forms. Terra is a service to others 3rd density realm and the people are learning the lessons of this realm. They understand where they came from and where they are going.

Life is good on Terra.

Now it came to pass that visitors came to Terra, visitors from above the mists in huge metal containers that descend to the surface, crushing many plants and trees. They came seeking minerals, particularly what we now call gold. These visitors setup a base upon Terra, clearing the land and manipulating stone. The people watched these beings from a distance, confused by their actions as they seemed to care not for Terra or her creatures, something they had not encountered before. But this was also a curiosity to be observed for while the people are ancient on Terra they are but children in the galactic sense and fear is unknown at this time.

These new creatures are very dense, as dense as the plants and Terra herself and they were unable to pass through the plants and trees or even to communicate with them. In fact they seemed unaware of the life in the plants and trees and killed them seemingly without pause or feeling. But the other actions of these strange creatures was even more confounding and interesting as they gathered the very rocks from certain places and using FVH (frequency vibration harmonics) to manipulate the magnetic energies of Terra floated them to new places far from the natural places Terra had given them to new locations and there, using the same FVH made them malleable and easy to shape, fitting them together into strange hexagonal shapes connected by rock channels.  They created many of these structures all arranged in a pattern and interconnected not unlike a beehives cells.

They manipulated Terra’s energies in ways the people had never imagined before and in a manner and purpose that both confused and fascinated them. After some time when dense ones had the rocks amassed and shaped a being came forward holding what looks like a cross but with the upper part a circle not unlike the ankh of south africa today and strikes a connecting wall 3 times. The people gather in amazement as the rocks harmonise in vibration and began to draw energy down from the mists. So much energy, the flows to the people look as huge as many trees in thickness and powerful was its flow whose nature was like Terras own but much more focused. Some of the people who enjoyed entering Terras energy flows entered these flows and were absorbed they them so powerful were they.

These dense beings from the high mists the people decided clearly did not come from Terra. So where from? They watched them and discussed them, always puzzled by their actions, they consulted with the central unity and the unity explained what it was able to the people. Meanwhile these intruders were busy, they are a race of beings that look almost like us today. But they were also like the people in many respects as they too remained in direct contact with their central unity. They also live long lives and remember past lives so that they learnt quickly the lessons of their realm which is a service to self path in 3rd density.

They are busy with their purpose which is to gather minerals, they had rightly judged that this planet would have vast amounts of what they needed and they only have to extract it. They understood they had broken the rules of not entering a living system but their need they considered was greater. This is usual thinking for service to self beings. They are not to be considered badly it is just how it is. Their problem is a dire one from their perspective, they are far from home and their people’s needs are desperate. They have searched for a long time and know that time grows short on their home world. Too short to allow them to request more people be sent to help extract the ores. They have only enough time to mine the ores and send them. They discuss solutions and many ideas are considered but only one others to the hope of succeeding in time, among the team are some with skills in bio-energy manipulation and have the skills to create creatures from the existing stock on Terra into one that could help them.

There is a problem however, they would need a soul energy to occupy the bodies so created to give it life. This has to be addressed before anything is done. To this end their central unity contacted the peoples central unity via the energies of Terra and explained what their purpose was. The people could enter these newly created creatures and help them in their task, the choice is theirs. This concept was one the people had never considered, to become dense and experience Terra in the physical. The duality of the people debated this but as it was a new thing and it did not conflict with their life mission, the people advised their central unity they had decided to do this to assist the mist beings save their world. Such is the nature of service to others beings.

So as the bodies were created the people entered them and became physical. The newcomers created many bodies for the people to use, enough to help with the work. Not all the people could exist in the physical so some remained in the central unity and they shared these bodies over time and each learned of the marvels of touch and feel. They were also as said before children. The dense beings cared for the people and taught them the ways of the physical world and the people enjoyed the experince greatly and helped willingly with the work to save a people. After a time enough of the gold and other minerals was mined and shipped. The dense ones were pleased and decided to return home. They left the people everything they had built and thanking them left for home. Now the people had no need for the mining of things and while they knew hope to use and operate the strutures they did not activate them prefering to return to the forests and live there. And so it was in the long ago the people took on a denser form, they remained service to others and kept their abilities with the plants and creatures, they did however have to become like a predator for some periods and eat other creatures, this was not a difficulty as they could explain to the creatures central unity the reasons for this and it was accepted as each creature knows it returns to the central unity before returning again and in giving itself it benefited.

So it was that one of the people could ask for a creature and it would come and give itself willingly and once in position it would leave its body and return to the central unity thus the people never actually killed anything.

Much time passed and Terra remained a happy place.

A Mud story

Author : Mud