The Messiahs Handbook

I first compiled this little collection into a small black book in 1981 as a reference and reminder to myself that there are more important things to consider in life.

Collecting the wisdom of those that have gone before that I found inspiring or helpful, this book was formed, and while it is not a comprehensive listing I have found it useful over the years.

I have added a few of my own over time and while they are no match for the ones that I have borrowed I find a certain comfort in them.

And so in the blink of an eye the years have flown by and 29 years later I still have that little black book. A friend who saw it mentioned they would like a copy so 2010 has me compiling its contents into an Ebook.

My intention is to share this with my friends and any interested in looking beyond themselves.

I thank all the people, good and bad that I have met, without them I would not have learned the lessons I have.

May your path give the lessons you need.


To download the Messiahs Handbook (plain edition)
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Author : Mud