So whats going on?

It seems that finally there is a move to acknowledge the existence of the possibility of water and life on other planets. There have been comments on water being “discovered” on the Moon and on Mars from NASA as well as other “reputable” sources.

To me this is the start of a process to tell the public in small digestible pieces what the public has already been aware of for many years. That beings from other non terrestrial origins exist and have / do / are visiting our world. I predict that there will be more and equally revealing statements from main stream scientists and religious and political groups designed to soften the blow they think we will suffer if they tell use this in this manner. 

This is happening because they know that the truth is soon to become apparent to all no matter what they do and they want to lessen the impact of their years of outright lies on this subject. A desperate attempt to maintain some semblance of credibility.
I see Stephan Hawkins has joined the process with his statement that aliens are very likely to exist and we would be foolish to rush into wanting to interact with them.

Good advice but sadly much too late.

I will be watching developing events with interest.

Author : Mud