Attack on Gaia
On the 20th April 2010 eleven men paid the ultimate price for the ambition and greed of a select few.
From 10 miles away – 21/04/2010

Today the 3rd of July 2010 as I type many other lives hang in the balance because these same self serving people hide and lie about the information needed to contain and limit the damage already done. It seems to me that these people are either incredibly stupid or this was no accident and that the whole process has been a deliberate act. Right now oil is killing the Gulf of Mexico and all that lives in it, make no mistake, this is the biggest ecological disaster to date and it is still contained. The question is for how long?

What happens when it gets to the Atlantic via the loop current into the Gulf stream? As bad and tragic as this already is I suspect that what we are seeing is the prelude to a much bigger disaster. A disaster that has the potential to kill off millions of people. This fits nicely with the already freely expressed desire to reduce the world’s population by these power brokers.

The tremedous pressure of the oil feeds the fire

Millions? How? Primarily by the release of a huge methane gas bubble that is thought to be located 10 kilometres (over 6 miles) below the well head. The pressure at this depth is 1,000 times surface pressure and the destruction that could result from the release of this material is catastrophic and would involve the loss of millions of lives from a variety of sources, tsunami, gas poisoning, explosion, earthquake, ect.  There is also the oil and dispersant that enters the natural cycle and ends up in the rain that falls across the lands.

The ocean bed is reported to have developed a 32 kilometre (20 mile) diameter bulge in the region of the well since the “accident” and fissures emitting oil and gas have been reported to have opened in the region of the well. Secondly the destruction of the Gulf environment through contamination via the 4.5 million+ gallons a day (I know this exceeds the “official” statistics but I believe it is closer to the truth) leak of oil which is poisoning coastal lands as well as being spread by tides, currents and storms deep into the coastal lands and the gulf stream.

The rig is gone and the disaster begins

This is a major long term issue. Sadly the chemicals being used to “disperse” the oil are actually extremely toxic in themselves and are making it impossible to contain what oil is being stopped by the deployed booms. This dispersant is being used mainly to limit the “look” so that people cannot see how bad it is. It also interesting to note that it turns the oil red like blood. Where have we heard that before? On top of this the oil we see on the surface is just a small part of the oil that is bringing death to the waters of the gulf.

Subsurface plumes of oil are contaminating the entire water column and are much larger than what we can see on the surface which is basically the lighter components in the released oil. In addition there has been over 1 million gallons of chemical dispersants mixed in with the oil to help create a toxic mix which no doubt is killing everything it encounters as it spreads throughout the gulf waters.

And the creatures of the sea suffer as a result
The dispersant is breaking up some of the oil into smaller clumps, these clumps are then in time consumed by microbes. The problem with this is that the microbes deplete oxygen from the water while at the same time producing methane and hydrogen sulphide. We are all aware that methane is a serious green house gas and very flammable but less know is the effects of hydrogen sulphide. It often results from the bacterial breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen, exactly like those forming in the waters of the gulf right now.

Hydrogen sulphide is slightly heavier than air; a mixture of H2S and air is explosive which is bad enough but it is also a potent chemical asphyxiant.  It is foul smelling but very quickly paralyses the sense of smell so you no longer smell it, and it can go on to overcome the victim and cause death. Looking at the vast amount of oil already released in gulf waters this is going to be a huge problem that just gets bigger.

To quote a chemist and consultant who works with the Louisiana Environmental Action Network “Clearly you’d expect a huge die off in the water column as well as in the (affected) sediments,” add to this the fact that subsea oil and dispersants can be carried by currents in entirely different directions than that where the wind and waves are sending the surface slick, creating a much larger area of impact and creating the conditions perfect for the creation of the gases mentioned.

Surface oil as of the 10th May

Some would say that this was an accident and that it is all just mans incompetence and yes we do hold some responsiblity for allowing these people to control us and do these things without due care.  In fact we are allowing them to drill more holes into this fragile area! I guess we deserve what we get, as we are stupid enough to allow these same people to continue with this.

The sad part is there was absolutely no reason for the well to have been drilled in the first place as this quest for oil with its claims of oil being a limited resource are also lies. Oil is naturally formed (and not from fossils) 100 kilometres (60 miles) down and some of it seeps to the surface which is what is drilled for and used.

There are huge amounts of this material available all over the planet and this is known about and lied about by the worlds suppliers for economic reasons. Basically greed. It is true to say that some wells reduce production over time but what they don’t tell you is that these wells if left alone refill from below. We have been forced to depend on oil by people who have actively suppressed alternatives energy sources to maintain their power and control.

I could speculate on the motives and the reasons endlessly but the facts are clear. They (the company) were advised not to drill there because of the methane already determined to exist in large quantities, they did anyway. A senior company representative flew off the rig as soon as he issued the instructions that lead to the explosion. The total failure of all supposed fail safes, twelve of them! The continuing refusal to release the mud log data to independant bodies that would allow others to access the risks and damages done. The insider trading that took place by the corporate manager just before the explosion. The program of misinformation that has been in place from the beginning. The restriction that they are able to place upon photos of the area. The limitation of clean up crews access to critital areas. All this suggests to me that there is more of a plan here than an accident.

Recent huge spill in the Timor Sea north of Australia

No matter, this is it. Events that take place from this point on will give a view of our worlds future.  This disaster with oil is the biggest yet, lets not forget the one that was kept so very quiet to Australia’s north in the Timor sea where a rig leaked oil for weeks into that ocean causing untold damage. I suspect there have been others hidden by their isolation. I will not be at all surprised if these incidents are used as an excuse to introduce the carbon tax in another guise as the global warming ruse failed. While warming has taken place it is not because of our efforts which are minor compared to the other forces at work. But this posioning of the seas is definately a result of our failure to act. We allow the greed of the few to dictate the lives of the many.

After all why should the ones making the mess pay for it? This carbom tax (basically a way to tax air) is desired by the Bilderberg group and who they represent to fulfil their world take over under the guise of Global Government (New World Order). I am all for a global view and fairness and equal rights and the like but this is not the intention of this group. Their plans have been made clear many times and they do not involve the bulk of us.  These leaders of the corporate beast are making their mark. Beware when they go to mark you.
Take care people.


Author : Mud