Attack on Gaia (Update)

Gulf of Mexico update. Things in that region are just getting weirder. Apart from the strange “coincidental” date of the incident (19th / 20th April) A date that has often been the one somehow chosen for significant events in the United States.

I remember when the Gulf incident was first reported that there were questions about foreign ships in the region and possible sabotage. A lot of speculation at the time but nothing came of it, or at least that’s what I thought.

I was unaware of the following posts which have a curious connection with this speculation, I learned of them from Nexus magazine and they started on the main page of the Godlike Productions forum on the 26th June 2010. I have here the posts made by the threads originator plus a few from others that struck me as collaborative. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the posts but find them both curiously compelling and downright scary in nature.

Many have contributed to trying to understand what is going on here and some brilliant ideas have been presented, amazing information uncovered and I compliment the serious contributions made by many.  Apart from the head in the sand crew this is a thinkers thread if ever there was one.

Even if you find the content that follows unbelievable their efforts make reading the thread an informative journey I recommend visiting and having a look.

And now to begin:

The following were posts made by: Anonymous Coward – User ID: 1011531 – France who is the originator of the thread.

Thread Title: Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
26/6/2010 10:58 AM My girl friend has a D.E.D link on her laptop from the French Embassy. (She works at the embassy)
Crazy traffic on DED

26/6/2010 11:09 AM Something like 10% of the worlds submarines are gathered in the Gulf of Mexico. What the fuck are they all doing there or rather what the fuck are they looking for? DED shows 12 US, 2 French, 3 British, 2 Russian, 1 Canadian, 3 German, 1 Israeli and 2 Unknown submarines
26/6/2010 11:18 AM “WTF would a french fry sub be doing in the gulf???????????????Quoting: Anonymous Coward 879039

Two days ago I posted that they sent a French Research ship there.

26/6/2010 11:25 AM “Something like 10% of the worlds submarines are gathered in the Gulf of Mexico. What the fuck are they all doing there or rather what the fuck are they looking for? DED shows 12 US, 2 French, 3 British, 2 Russian, 1 Canadian, 3 German, 1 Israeli and 2 Unknown submarines
OP, just the number of shills on this thread tells us this just might be for real.

1. Look OP, be careful. They don’t mess around.
2. Who can blame any country for not investigating this sabotage? This is destroying the whole Atlantic and this is international water, per BP. Screw BP, they are letting it go on and on. Well perhaps the International Community said ENOUGH and will seal the leaks themselves.
Just conjecturing
Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1001520

Ok that makes sense, no one trusting US or BP, they send their own submarines to take a look as you say

26/6/2010 11:39 AM Ok good news. French captain he now says his sub not sunk only badly damaged, 17 sailor injured. Asking for assistance and rescue.
He says attack from aircraft and not another submarine.

26/6/2010 11:48 AM Attack from US helicopter. All sailors bleeding from ear.

26/6/2010 12:07 PM OK, captain says surfacing in 12 minutes and magnetic radiation above normal on surface.  What is magnetic radiation?

26/6/2010 12:30 PM “The French? Now that is one coalition EVERY Englishman would love to join.  Finally the income tax may have a legitimate reason to exist again. War on France!!
Quoting: Anonymous Coward 863042

You fucking idiot !!!

26/6/2010 12:39 PM wait

26/6/2010 12:40 PM Ok, captain confirms surface but waiting for all fires to be out. Then he will open main hatch
Another two DED channels is now open. One from office of Prazuck, other from Mistral command

–[At this point PatrickC325 – User ID: 587469 – United States makes the following post:

26/6/2010 12:44 PM 4 fighter jets took from Ellington Field screaming toward the gulf!

This was followed by a post from mimimeister – User ID: 971641 – Nicaragua

26/6/2010 1:40 PM Please allow me to stir things up a little more…
Some have asked why would France have a sub in the Gulf?
Well, a little googling returns a possibility. Best of all, it allows us to mix in a different conspiracy from the past!
Remember the disappearance of the Air France flight 447? I think there was even a web bot hit about this? So turns out the French govt sent a nuclear sub, the “Emeraude” to look for the black box. Here’s the story with a video of Prazuck talking about it;


 So, their nuke sub with advanced sonar array has been looking for the black box since about this time last year. So, where’s the sub now? Well, here’s a story published May 6th of this year saying

“The search for the black boxes was resumed last month. It is now expected to continue into June, with Air France and the Airbus company each paying €1.5 million (£1.26 million) to finance the operation.”
So, whether this is an OP fantasy or not it is a fact that the French have a sub ostensibly looking for a black box off the coast of S America. It’s not the gulf but for a nuke sub it’s definitely in the neighbourhood.] at this point there are already 11 pages of posts many claiming it’s a hoax. I find the large and almost instant attacks on the post as odd in themselves.]

Back to ID 1011531 who now posts:

26/6/2010 1:51 PM There are now 23 DED channels open. Very difficult to read transmissions that I need to post. I’m trying following the one from Mistrel command. It is serious one

26/6/2010 2:12 PM Apologies, I have not time answer questionaire. Girlfriend says it is something like digital emergency scrambling device in english. She just call it DED. Im using her laptop with permission.

26/6/2010 2:14 PM Two small US craft approach. Request immediate boarding. Captain refuse.

26/6/2010 2:28 PM German sub now surface between Em and US craft two minutes ago

26/6/2010 2:41 PM Captain report possible collision of German and one US craft. Caption issuing ramming alert.

26/6/2010 2:47 PM Captain still refusing boarding request. Says US mother vessel has no maritime signature, only flying US flag. Name is blacked out.

26/6/2010 3:05 PM Captain received offer from German Captain to escort from Gulf.

26/6/2010 3:10 PM Misrtral enroute 18 hours

26/6/2010 3:16 PM Second US craft just circling sub. Ramming alert cancelled.

26/6/2010 3:25 PM un authenticated US ship demanding release and jettison of detained cargo. Captain refuses

26/6/2010 3:41 PM Captain confirms second German submarine surfaced port side

–[From Anonymous Coward – User ID: 1016629 – United States who posted at:

6/26/2010 3:43 PM This was reported on Monday, I believe. May have originally read it on Yahoo. Here is a recap of it:


Three fishermen were about 4 miles off Hollywood Beach in Florida when one of them noticed what appeared to be just a mast sticking above water a short distance away.

They decided to investigate, thinking it might have been a sunken sailboat. As their 31 foot center console boat named Fishy Business got closer to the object, they realized they were looking at a submarine’s periscope. Suddenly, down it went as it took off very fast. They reported what they saw to the Coast Guard who said they would get back to them, but they never did.

and this from Anonymous Coward – User ID: 1014541 – Poland

6/26/2010 4:04 PM wow, something is happening.
ZEVS stations are broadcasting again.
1st at 12:30 UTC and now at about 17:45 UTC
another one possibly at about 14:00 – 15:00 UTC
lots of activity. not seen any other day. ]–

(ZEVS) These are russian ELF transmitters used to communicate with submarines at depth. This is getting more and more curious.

Back to ID 1011531 who now posts:

26/6/2010 4:10 PM Our second (french) sub is also on new DED channel now, I cannot monitoring them all

26/6/2010 5:04 PM Captain reports boarding attempt and shots fired.

26/6/2010 5:27 PM direct DED channel from Em has gone dead, trying other channels

26/6/2010 5:32 PM last relay from Mistral says main hatch permanently damaged during boarding attempt, explosives used

26/6/2010 5:52 PM another relay from Mistral says boarding party was from other French sub I’m confused

26/6/2010 6:05 I have to leave building I will post from our apartment. (2 hours)
Girlfriend is sending anonymous transcript to AFP

–[Then we hear this from Anonymous Coward – User ID: 979403 – Sweden

6/26/2010 7:20 PM Swedish coastguard here, we have KBV-001 ( [link to] ) Posseidon stationed in the gulf to help out with the oilspill since it´s a boat built to deal with spills. Anyway we just had a chat with the commander and there is a sub with problems, also there is some confusion about it´s situation. KBV-001 has been dispatched to assist the submarine. Thats all the info we got at this time. Not whats happened to the boat, what contry it´s flagged and what status of the vessel.]–

Back to ID 1011531 who now posts:

26/6/2010 8:25 PM yawn

26/6/2010 8:26 PM here, setting up

26/6/2010 8:39 PM Having a problem connecting to DED intra from apartment. Will keep trying

26/6/2010 9:01 PM Big apology. I cant get in from apartment, all remote ports are full. If i try to many times the system will send alert. I’m on duty in 4 hours. I need to get some sleep. My focus not good and clear, Sorry. I Will update later. Good night

27/6/2010 6:54 AM back

27/6/2010 8:56 AM I’m on way to my girl friends office after work. She telephone me in the morning and says she was called to report at work today. She says everyone of staff is working today even though it is Sunday. Even the shadow embassy staff is working. Securitie is on highest she ever have seen. This can be problem for me to get in and see her.

[ Then this: Anonymous Coward – User ID: 960166 – United States

6/27/2010 10:43 AM So does anyone have a good explanation as to why they would evacuate “more than 38,000 people and 6,000 vessels that are involved in the oil response as well as the two rigs that are collecting about 24,500 barrels of oil a day from the well” for “two weeks”, when a hurricane passes within a day or two and it isn’t even expected to hit the particular area?

I know it could change direct but it seems pretty drastic for the likelihood doesn’t it? Does anyone think there is a connection to this? Odd timing that CNN releases this information the day after we receive this information contained on this thread. May just be a coincidence though. Boy, hope the OP can tell us more soon. I’ve actually believed him and that alone says a lot. Most things posted here are crap.

I don’t watch too many dates but the July 11th time frame might actually be on to something. The end of two weeks would put us about there.

Either way, it’s becoming obvious that what the OP has posted is correct… which means?]–

Back to ID 1011531 who now posts:

27/6/2010 1:39 PM ok, i had to read over many channels from the past few hours.
There are many things I wont to report and get out there. I will says these things first.
Mostly everyone is safe. Mistrall have picked up 4 seriously injured with helicopter.
I said earlier I was confused because DED traffic said crew from other French submarine boarded injured Em.

Shots were fired but they came as warning shots from Em crew. One of the unknown submarines I now know is from GCP and it was them who boarded to help. The Em captain did not know the GCP was there and Em crew did not recognize them immediately because some comm system was damaged on Em. There is still an issue on the report that explosives was used on the hatch. if I find it I will report it but that is not a main issue anymore. There are two main issues now. The one is the cargo and the other is that other submarines are reporting the same problem with ballasts tanks not filling properly, air buoyancy, navigation and sonar problems with metallic oil and harassment and provoking moves of unmarked surface ships. Some surface ships have US flag but no maritime signature or call sign. Em captain describe situation as a submarine death trap. An attempt will be made in a few hours to transfer the cargo to the GCP submarine but the situation is still to tense.

I’m now searching for more desriptions on what the cargo is.
27/6/2010 2:45 PM Captain reporting sudden change in Israeli submarine course to fast approaching their coords

27/6/2010 2:47 PM ok, thats was 18 minutes ago

27/6/2010 3:14 PM Mistrall orders Em captain to immediately begin transfer of cargo to GCP. Caption has two hours before condition romeo is reached.
I dont know what romeo is.

27/6/2010 3:19 PM German submarine port side is submerging.

27/6/2010 3:42 PM The current description and status of the cargo is filed under directive 301. I’ll ask girl friend what that is

27/6/2010 4:05 PM Captain reporting extreme conditions and geological echoes on seabed (translation is a problem)

27/6/2010 4:35 PM Israeli sub has halted, surfacing

27/6/2010 4:40 PM 4 low flying aircraft approaching at sub sonic speed, crew ordered to go below deck

27/6/2010 4:48 PM Israel submarine just blew missile hatches

27/6/2010 4:49 PM Israeli submarine launching surface to air missiles merde! (merde=shit)

27/6/2010 4:54 PM condition romeo reached Israeli submarine submerging

27/6/2010 4:57 PM GCP and second german submarine submerging

27/6/2010 5:07 PM hit hit tracking falling debris

27/6/2010 5:06 PM captain reporting surface vessels rapidly forming v formation

27/6/2010 5:13 PM captain will attempt submerge 3 minutes
Im pray repairs to hatch will hold

27/6/2010 5:38 PM Mistral taskgroup now on full battle alert, all aircraft authorised for full ordinance. 8 airborne 9 level altitude intercept

27/6/2010 5:48 PM hatch is holding

27/6/2010 5:52 PM DED shows most submarine traffic now moving out and away from gulf even the US submarines at close to full speed

27/6/2010 6:19 PM We have to leave the building now because it will look suspicious if we stay so late again. I hate leave while things are now so serious.

The cargo is on the GCP sub and I think it will be safe, that is important. When my girlfriend has time see will lookup what 301 is. She guess it is doing with the search and recovery of a non NATO member sensitive military equipment/identification like fallen fighter plane, satellite, sunken ship or submarine. Its to busy here now and everyone is preparing for international incident report. Maybe it will be in AFP tomorrow. Israel did not attack US aircraft. Israel was defending himself and we think us too. I cannot figure out what aircraft they were and from what nation. i will find out but they not from US I think. Good night.


This is an ongoing thread on the site mentioned and well worth a look see. Some great information to be found among the posts there.

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