What if?

One of the most disturbing things I have observed being an avid reader is that a significant number of books written as fiction have over the course of time become reality. This has been particularly true of the Science fiction stories I am fond of.

It has been suggested that these authors have somehow looked into the future and written about what they have seen. Jules Verne is an obvious example of this. H. G. Wells, Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov and Arthur C Clarke are also candidates.

If you approached these authors and asked them they would deny that they had ever looked into the future in some mystical way. I am inclined to believe them. Others suggest that they are just sensing the coming world and incorporating information about it at a subconscious level into their works. This is quite possible and cannot be discounted but I can think of another possibility, one that frankly scares the hell out of me as the more I have considered it the more likely it has become.

It occurred to me that these stories are actually the seeds that created the reality via being read by masses of people. Like a collective memory that creates the reality based on the number of people that see and understood it. Shades of the 100 monkeys principle. The how it works is not clear to me but the ideas are there in the stories. Jules Verne gave us a few clear examples. The Submarine and the Aqualung being prime examples. The idea was presented and once enough minds read and believed it was possible the devices came into existence via innovation and invention.

This puts a completely new perspective on events in our history. the more you look the more match ups you discover. I would not be at all surprised if some items from Science fiction have come into existence without the general population being aware of it.

Imagine if what I suggest is true. What if a certain group of individuals were fully aware of this and used it to steer humanity down certain paths to suit their agendas. It helps make sense of nearly always negative news and religious programming as these could be used to help create the desired collective reality. With the advent of more media such as radio and television options and the opportunities to manipulate the masses becomes even more persuasive.

I believe that the written word is the most powerful form however as it forces visualisation. I see the ability to visualise as a key component in this creation process.

Could it be that simple?

Well yes and no. I think that the creation process happens as I speculate but there is more to it. I think that we all are travelling in time riding the energy waves that surround us. If an idea is triggered at the start of a energy cycle or wave when it’s outcome is likely to be more successful than if we miss the wave so to speak. I can see this principle working for individual, groups or nations.

It is certainly worth considering.

Author : Mud