Beyond Time
Beyond times veiled frontier
 Where borders blur by unknown thoughts
  There is the faceless girl I sought.
I see her hair the colour of sky’s deepest night
 Talking to flowers by ancient stones
  Of memories hidden with time and in bones.
She tells the wind her story as above in space
 Clouds gather silently to listen.
  Molten, her lips move with words of beauty and glisten. 
She strolls, hands pocketed in a magenta gown.
 Where the ocean beats its rhythmic thunder
  Against grainy shores of sand asunder.
While upon this shoreline, her faint footprints,
 Signatures of perfection embarrass time with their fleeting nature
  She listens and hears, the oceans ageless song of nurture.  
She scoops sand with her sun tanned hands 
 Which as in an hourglass the particles went
  Grains like days echoes quickly spent. 
Windblown hair backed by deep blue sky
 Kindling the presence of unknown yearning
  The heartfelt dance, life’s power stirring.
Hope-stirred eyes turn to the sky
 As darkness kisses days murmured rush from sight
  A sleepless moon hides pin-pricks of light.
She dances within an illusion of time
 Knowing there is something she seeks
  That hides from her and so she weeps.
Was this just a fragment of my mind?
 Am I blind to feel this way?
  23 footsteps away, it is another day.



Author : Mud