Attack on Gaia (revisited)

The Gulf of Mexico has featured here a couple of times, the first time in July when I mentioned it as a follow on from the Timor spill which affected 78,000 square kilometres of the Timor sea and took 74 days to stop. While I had not written about the Timor incident I had monitored it. These two spills have a lot in common, fire on rig, uncontrolled and massive oil spills, Corexit used as a dispersant, fish kills and human deaths. These spills, and I do not like the term “spill” as it suggests a smaller event such as one would expect from a spill of milk, nothing to serious, except that these are very serious. I think I will use the term discharge from this point on.

West Atlas oil rig fire – Timor Sea
These discharges are far from uncommon. In fact when one starts to look you discover what appears to be a pattern of discharges happening at an increasing rate globally, not including the disturbingly long running discharges in Nigeria which are said to have begun 50 years ago and continues unabated to this day.

Many people from all over the world have taken an interest in the Gulf of Mexico situation, its position in relation to the United States has ensured a higher than average media coverage. Thus ensuring a greater clean up effort than would have otherwise ensued. I have posted extracts of a series of posts from a forum on the subject after reading about the thread in Nexus magazine. As it turns out the threads originator appears to be a person known for their fondness of deceptions based around real events. I admit that the information provided by the OP (as a thread originator is called on this forum) was intriguing to say the least. I for one was taken in initially. But none of the OP’s posts could be either proved or disproved and in that regard were in effect useless, it was this consistent failure while still maintaining a hint of real events that made me suspect some other agenda was in play. The posts were undeniably well crafted and focused on enhancing fear and panic in the minds of the reader, what the ultimate intent was behind this I cannot say.

However they did serve as a catalyst for posters to work around and the situation in the Gulf was and is clearly so dire that persons are attracted to the thread for information about the situation there. Posters on this thread have proved to be for the greater part, honest concerned folks trying to shed light on a desperate situation. To this end no avenue of thought has been rejected and a great deal of viable information has been unearthed and brought into thread for discussion and further enquiry. In fact they became so good at this and so focused upon the situation that it remained on track despite concerted efforts to derail it back to a fear focus. Even the OP’s eventual self outing failed to have any significant effect. This thread is still attempting to explore the evolving situation in the Gulf as well as keeping a wary eye upon other events that are related by the fact that the Gulf is a globally significant issue. I do not believe it was an accident because of the day the rig sank, 22nd April. To many significant events have occurred on that date in the United States and I am not fond of coincidences.

This is a global problem that is just beginning, even more disturbing, I believe it is just part of a much bigger program.

For example the following is a far from complete list of oil discharges recorded so far this year:
Chishui River, China. 5th January – 130 tons
Port Arthur, Texas, USA. 23rd January – 1,500 tons
Nigeria Delta, Nigeria. 1st May – 95,500 tons
Anchorage, Alaska. USA. 25th May – 1,200 tons
Singapore Straight, Singapore. 25th May – 2,500 tons
Red Sea, Egypt. 16th June – Unknown tons
Jebel At-Zayt, Red Sea, Egypt. 16th June – Unknown tons
Xigang Port, Yellow Sea, China. 16th July – 90,000 tons
Kalamazoo River, Mich. USA. 26th July – 3,250 tons
Mumbai, Arabian Sea, India. 7th August – 400 tons
Deepwater Horizon, Gulf of Mexico, United States. 22nd April – 585,000 tons+

It is also true that generally the above quantities are not exact because actual volume of an oil is difficult to measure precisely. As a guide a median of 0.858 for the specific gravity of light crude oil. One ton = to 308 US gallons or 256 Imperial gallons or 1,165 litres or 7.33 barrels. – 1 barrel = 35 Imperial or 42 US Gallons. Safe to say based on previous examples the quantities discharged are often understated to varying degrees.

While these are significant quantities of oil the real difference between these and others from the previous decades is the use of the dispersant Corexit. This dispersant is extremely toxic in its own right and its continued use is puzzling when a virtually nontoxic alternative is available known as JD-2000. When tested 130 parts per million of Corexit produced a 50% mortality rate in small fish. JD-2000 with greater than 5,600 parts per million could only achieve a mortality rate of 20%. Researchers could not get a 50% mortality rate when testing with this product.

And yet they persist in using Corexit? This suggests that there is an alternative reason for this preference and one suggestion is that it is being used as a medium to introduce a bacterium into the Gulf environment. Everything points to this bacterium being an artificially created bacterium called “SYNTHIA” belonging to the same group responsible for the oil discharges. This piece of genetic manipulation is about as nasty as you can get when viewed from the perspective of a carbon based life form. It has the ability to replicate itself and organically function in any cell it is able to introduce itself to. Survive in the most extreme of conditions. It is the first as far as I am aware self-replicating synthetic bacterial cell. It has been provided with the capability to resist antibiotics. It is a hydrocarbon eating bacterium.

So what we have is a synthetic biological agent, should I say weapon? That has been released in the Gulf. It is able to survive in a host of extreme environments, resist antibiotics and adapt to different cells it encounters. Its primary food source is hydrogen and carbon. As virtually all life is based on carbon this is possibly the most irrationally stupid manoeuvrer the psychopaths that run these industries have pulled to date. Unless…

They planned it from the beginning. It would take time for this bacterium to adapt to everything it encounters in the Gulf, its primary food source will be oil but once that has become scarce what then? There are already indicators from the Gulf that both people and wildlife are being infected and dying from exposure to a hereto unknown and destructive bacterium. What a perfect place to incubate a global contaminant.

But surely they would not risk themselves? And you would be right as it seems those releasing the bacterium have recently established a company that creates vaccines. I expect that only those with the right connections will be in the loop for that service.

It is apparent to me that these people do not work from the perspective of the betterment of life for all, but rather they have the view that they are the chosen elite and the rest of us are expendable. In fact they fear our numbers for a couple of reasons. One being it is difficult to control such large numbers and the figure of 500,000,000 has been mentioned many times in the last 20 years as being the optimal number for total control. Another reason is that as the mass of humanity grows so too does the potential for the mass consciousness to evolve.

This they fear most of all as once that happens all their plans and schemes become worthless as fear would no longer be a tool that worked. If viewed from the perspective of population reduction the motivations and lack of concern for the way things are conducted makes a lot more sense. Also you can see that oil discharges would not be considered such a big deal as the following indicates.

Larger oil discharges of the last 100 years:
Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York, USA. 1940 / 50s – 97,000 tons
Torry Canyon, Isles of Scilly, United Kingdom. 1967 – 119,000 tons
Sea Star, Gulf of Oman. 1972 – 115,000 tons
Urquiola, A Coruna, Spain. 1976 – 100,000 tons
Amoco Cadiz, Brittany, France. 1978 – 223,000 tons
Atlantic Princess, Trinidad and Tobago, 1979 – 287,000
Irenes Serenade, Pylos, Greece. 1980 – 100,000 tons
Ixtox I, Gulf of Mexico, Mexico. 1979/80 – 287,000 tons
Castillo de Beliver, Saldanha Bay, South Africa. 1983 – 252,000 tons
Nowruz Field Platform, Persian Gulf, Iran 1983 – 260,00 tons
Odyssey, 1,300km/810ml, Nova Scotia, Canada. 1988. – 132,000 tons

At this point things really pick up due to war in the middle east. I wonder if Saddam really did just cut all the oil loose in spite? He was a long term asset of the west and somehow one cannot help wonder if there was more to it.

Mt Haven, Mediterranean Sea near Genoa, Italy. 1991 – 144,00 tons
Kuwait oil fires, Kuwait. 1991 – 205,000,000 tons
Kuwait oil lakes, Kuwait. 1991 – 6,818,000 tons
Gulf war oil spill, Persian Gulf, Kuwait & Iraq. – 1,091,000 tons

As you can see the earth’s oceans have been and are being poisoned at an incredible rate. There does not appear to be a place on the planet that is free from this assault. Indeed the situation is little different on land.

I do not have to tell you what the consequences would be should we lose the oceans. You don’t know? Maybe no have fish for dinner? Well it’s more simple than that. If everything on land were to die tomorrow, the ocean wouldn’t even notice, but if everything in the ocean were to die tomorrow, everything on land would also die. Thats what is at stake. Some will say that these are all just accidents and that we should accept this as unfortunate. I say if that’s the case then we need to stop doing this right now because if this is the best we can do then we need to learn a whole lot more because we cannot afford to take any more chances. I would also like to make the observation that if this is an example of human engineering and best practice then what the hell goes on with nuclear reactors?

I have watched events in the Gulf of Mexico unfold with a growing sense of sadness for the creatures and admiration for the people that live in this region. The fouling of the waters, the illness and deaths of the animals and people.

The livelihoods that are decimated. All to suit another’s agenda. I am pleased that people have not responded with violence and I see that as a sign of growing awareness. Rest assured the powers that try to be would like violence very much, as then they could implement tighter controls.

Now they say it’s all capped and everything is fine. Heck even all the oil is gone and it’s safe to eat the seafood. I don’t believe a word of it. I am not even certain the live feeds were live or even of the right well. I have seen supposed live feeds that were 15 second loops even as the time on the clock rolled on as usual. Recently the BBC Horizon show screened Deepwater Disaster The Untold Story. In this main stream, perfectly reasonable explanation of the event there were omissions regarding the locations choice and cautious puzzlement by some experienced experts at the 3 weeks delay in implementing the solution that is said to have closed the well. This delay came from the very top of the organisation and is not explained. It was also claimed that they had wanted to collect all the oil yet in virtually the same sentence they state that they needed to pump dispersant into the leak at its exit point to disperse the oil into the water column. Good thing there is an oil surplus despite all the discharges or we would be seeing a price hike to pay for the cleanup and the loss of the rig. Oh wait we are.

One parting thought, the bed of the Gulf has had over 42,000 holes drilled into it. It is geologically frail with a large area of methane under pressure, said to be 100,000 psi backed by volcanism. The oil reserve under it is said to be one of, if not the biggest on the planet. An artery if you will. What if all the discharges have taken place because they cannot cap the well as the gases and oils leaking into the upper strata would escalate and blow the top of the whole basin?

That would have serious long term repercussions for the world. Those near the area would only be troubled briefly as the scale of the event would ensure an early return to the spirit due to an explosion comparable to Mt. St. Helens only underwater. It will create a cloud of death and no doubt a tsunami travelling at up to 600 mph. This would sink all vessels and destroy coastal communities around the area as well as drive hazardous materials including the oil well inland.

I hope that this does not happen but I see that if we persist in allowing the uncaring to continue down their chosen path….

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Author : Mud