Attack on Gaia – (Expands)

As I have said before, I found the date of the Deepwater horizon incident disturbing in the light of previous events in the USA. Astrology has played a pivotal role in that country from the beginning and when events start following a pattern it is time to pay attention.

On the 20th April 1985 the ATF launched an operation against an organisation called “The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord (CSA)” a one day siege. It seems the actions of this group were tolerated until they supposedly attempted to blow up a natural gas pipeline in April 1985. What little information is available appears to be conflicted.
On the 19th April 1993 the Waco Siege ends in a massacre after 51 days. This was a highly controversial event.

Alfred P. Murrah federal building 

On the 19th April 1995 the Oklahoma City Bombings took place. An event that has not been fully explained with damages done in excess of the proposed methods employed to create them. Many other inconsistencies. US military have been implicated in the last two events.

Also on the19th April 1995 Richard W. Snell a CSA member was executed by lethal injection.

On the 20th April 2010 an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon. triggers the largest discharge of oil into american waters ever recorded.  The rig sank on 22nd April, a date with its own meaning, 22 is also a special number as is 11 which happens to be the number of missing persons from this disaster.

The devastating effects upon the Gulf are not to be ignored but as this event has progressed one cannot help speculate that this was just a means to an even more disastrous end.  If the discharge is / was deliberate then it becomes apparent that perhaps the oil contamination of the Gulf is only a side issue, collateral damage in a much bigger scheme. If that is so then the question is what could that scheme be.

Why dump so much oil into the Gulf? It seems unreasonable to assume that it was just to poison the fish. Other suggestions have been to create a biological soup for the cultivation of some nano-bacterium. Very possible indeed and there is evidence to suggest it has happened. (Synthia) But I have another worrying thought. Let me introduce you to a little fluid dynamics. Something that is well known in science circles but not so commonly known to the public at large, oil affects the boundary layers between warm water flows thus effectively destroying a currents vorticity.

Now let us imagine that a Faction had a stated desire to say reduce the population of the Earth by a given percentage. Let us also assume that this faction is well funded and has access to virtually unlimited resources to pursue its ends. Lets us also imagine that they have found various ways to achieve this.

Let me remind you of a lesson I learned about the way the world works and one of the rules that must be followed by those that wish to control. It is this, they must tell you what they are going to do!

In 2004 a movie was released called The Day After Tomorrow. In this movie the Gulf Stream stalled (that part of the thermohaline circulation that delivers warm waters to Europe and primarily England) causing temperatures to fall in a very short time. This film was based on real science, the film showed the audience how the Gulf Stream transports warm water from the equatorial regions of the Earth, along American’s Eastern seaboard and then across the Atlantic to Northern Europe.

It has been speculated that if such a thing was to happen easily two thirds of the world’s population could die as a direct result. Of course when altering global systems the results are likely to be serious and unpredictable so there could be more or less depending upon what variables come into play.

Let us return our attention to the Gulf of Mexico. It would be reasonable to assume that if they wished to stop the loop current in the Gulf of Mexico and through it the Atlantic current they would need a considerable amount of oil dissolved into the water column in just the right location. This faction would have the resources to know how much oil it will need to put into the water to stop the loop current in the Gulf.

However they would also be aware that just having that vast quantity of oil released into the Gulf would not be enough on its own due to oils behaviour when released in water. It floats on the surface. What would be needed is a way to blend the oil into the water column in the quantities required. It would need to be away from prying eyes so as not to raise to many suspicions. It would also need a deep release to ensure the blended oil could penetrate all levels of the water column. Is this starting to sound familiar?

It sounds just like whats happened in the Gulf of Mexico with the massive volume of oil released under high pressure, at depth and blended directly at the well head with Corexit. A well tested dispersant whose manufacture is controlled by the faction. It is likely to have included a biological agent in its payload as part of the plan to ensure rapid mixing. Did they succeed? On the face of it it appears so, in fact evidence suggests that oil and gas continues to leak from fissures and fractures across the Gulf seabed. So here we are today and we can see the results of this ambitious plan having their effect upon global weather systems.

The Gulf loop current has stalled. Not only that but we have evidence that the Atlantic current has shut down. This is just like the movie, with the Atlantic current stalled temperatures are plunging in Europe.

While the speed of this is not quite at the pace of the movie the potentials are the same, only the time factor may vary. We can look to the past to find examples of what has happened before when these currents have stalled. Paleoclimatological evidence shows that disruption of the thermohaline circulation has happened before.

Deep ocean sediments dating from the last Ice Age (11,000 to 13,000 year ago. A time period that has recurring significance), suggest that the fresh water run-off from melting ice masses decreased sea water density sufficiently to cause a breakdown of ocean overturning. What followed was a European winter 10 degrees Celsius below normal and cold spells that lasted for hundreds of years.

Comparable cooling could be expected today with a shut-down in thermohaline circulation. For London, this could mean a climate similar to that now experienced by the Arctic island of Spitzbergen.

The timing of the event has been near to perfect if results are to be judged. Indeed it seems that they have aligned perfectly with a predicted solar decline in overall solar activity which on its own could signify the onset of an ice age.

2.7 million years ago the Earth’s climate was very stable, we could speculate as to what happened to change it and I would suggest that Velikovsky’s proposals could well have been the cause. We know from the records we have that starting about 1 million years ago cycles of ice ages lasting approximately 100,000 years and separated by relatively short interglacial periods were the normal state of the Earths climate. We are said to be in one of those interglacial periods now.

I am concerned that a faction, being aware of the factors outlined here has moved to take advantage of the changing world climate by enhancing the effects in an attempt to try and reduce the world’s population to the desired number of slaves the elite feels it can safely manage. If one factors in the ill effects of Chemtrails, Vaccines, Fluoride, poor nutrition and GM foods  the situation is dire, people who are not fit die easier in adverse conditions. One thing that seems certain, the repercussions of this particular “accident” are a slow moving global catastrophe that  has moved beyond our ability to contain.

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Author : Mud