2010 the year Gaia gave notice

Blizzards, droughts, earthquakes, floods, heat waves, landslides, tropical storms, tornadoes, tsunamis, volcanoes.

This year like no other has given us all a reason to take notice of our world. We have experienced record highs and lows within the weather systems, the jet streams are going into places they never have before. The world trembles with volcanoes and earthquakes and the insane actions of man add to this because of the greed of those that would have their desires no matter the cost to others. It can be said that this year was the year of the one hundred year event, when the extremes had extremes, so many were reported. Some say that it is just a random coincidence, nothing to worry about, others claim it is the result of man changing the environment and in some cases it is, but they are not the cases the media focuses upon.

They (the inbred elites) still promote global warming as the cause of weather extremes, ironically including record cold and snowfall claiming it is the extra water put into the atmosphere by evaporation caused by global warming. They franticly point to any warm spell as evidence while ignoring or faking statistics to discredit any cooling trends.

This video is great as they are in total denial, unable to mention the Gulf they desperately grope for reasons for their failure to predict the cold weather that I and others could see clearly coming months ago. They did do a plug for their global warming models as apparently while they cannot predict a month ahead they can accurately predict years ahead.

The truth is, due to their own greed and corruption they missed the period of solar activity which warmed all the planets of the solar system and produced a moderate warming period. This is now abating according to astrological observations. The evidence points to cooling as the Sun enters a period of much lower activity.

Climate modellers employed by NASA, the IPCC, etc.(Climategate), all claim that their models indicate a temperature increase of 2.5°C+ due to a doubling of CO2. They predicted less snow, warmer times while the reality is the observed trend opposite of the predictions.

With the changes brought about by the stopping of the loop current in the Gulf of Mexico all bets are off, especially with regard to climate models which are twisted to suit the global warming, we need carbon tax agenda.

Blue dots show affected section of the North Atlanntic Current with the water sinking much sooner. I will point out that the massive Timor Sea oil spill of 2009 was also in that current flow.

The IPCC are claiming this year could have been the hottest recorded to date but frankly I find it hard to believe anything this organisation states as they have been shown to follow the same agenda as those who have a vested interest in introducing a carbon tax (Air Tax). I remember when it was said as a joke, they tax everything they can, pretty soon they will be taxing air and water. Well folks, it’s no longer a joke, they have water under tight control and that which they cannot they are polluting, by every means at their disposal, now with the carbon (Air) tax are working on air.

The Gulf of Mexico oil discharge is one piece of human interference that will have serious global repercussions for years to come. It has resulted in the elimination of the gulf loop current which in turn has stopped the warm waters of the gulf adding to the Atlantic current which has effectively cooled Europe. Witness the early onset of winter in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Another less frequently mentioned side effect has been the disruption of the jet stream (it split into two) in the northern hemisphere which has unnaturally warmed some areas. The Russian heatwave is a result of this with its fires and other side effects such as the melting permafrost with resulting release of methane only adding to the problems. In fact this could cause global warming in the short term for some areas of the globe as methane is a incredible heat sink.

A cycle of methane releases will cause temperature spikes cumulating in a huge spike that will make some areas unliveable, the methane then dissipates and there will be a rapid cooling which will bring snow to much larger areas than now changing the albedo of the planet and heralding the start of the next ice age. This behaviour is short term and typical of the end of an interglacial period which are rapid in onset. The jet stream has also caused floods in many places with Pakistan being an example. When the jet stream does straighten out, and it will be as the arctic will push the kinks out of it, there will be some very severe storms generated.

To show just how extreme things are getting a tornado was reported in New York city as well as in other regions not usually subject to them.

Another area of unusual activity has been the worlds volcanoes with 64 surface volcanoes erupting this year. It is said there are is an average of 50 to 70 eruptions per year but these included underwater volcanoes which I have not included here.

I have seen 3 million reported with many being active and many new ones making an appearance this year. To quote another site:

“Oceanographers Hillier and Watts (2007) surveyed 201,055 submarine volcanoes. From this they concluded an astounding total of 3,477,403 submarine volcanoes must reasonably exist worldwide. They based this finding on the earlier and well-respected observations of Earth and Planetary Sciences specialist, Batiza (1982) who found that at least 4 per cent of seamounts are active volcanoes

Volcanoes also contribute to atmospheric effects and so will add to the disruptions already in place. If there is something that can change the climate it is volcanoes, a single large volcano can add more gases to the atmosphere than humanity can manage, our input is like a small continuous volcano, so let’s once and for all drop the “mankind is causing global warming” spiel. If we have too many volcanoes spewing toxins into the seas they alone will raise the acidity of the oceans to the point that life in them would become imperilled.

Earthquakes often accompany volcanoes and this year has seen large earthquakes taking place somewhere on the planet almost daily. The statistics show the most activity since 2007 which had a greater number of quakes overall 2270 verses 2062 but 2010 has had the most in the 7+ range with 22 against 2007 with 18. I again think of the Gulf of Mexico and find myself wondering if the drilling that lead to the discharge could act as a trigger for a large earthquake. I remember that the Gulf of Mexico is a complex area geographically. I also recall that the Deepwater drilling is beside a salt dome.

What happens if the integrity of the salt dome fails?

Could this lead to a great quake along the New madrid fault line? I imagine it could if the Gulf of Mexico is tectonically active. According to geologist-geophysicist Jack M. Reed who has studied the region, The Gulf of Mexico is the likely originator of seismic activity along the New Madrid line. To quote him:

“This northeast trending earthquake zone appears to connect with the northeast trending Monroe Uplift, the LaSalle Arch and, possibly, to an active seismic zone located in and around Sabine Lake on the Texas-Louisiana border. This entire zone through the United States is suffering some type of tectonic activity that I believe is tied to the deeply buried tectonics in the Gulf of Mexico. And the inbreds have had BP messing with those same deeply buried tectonics.

In a study conducted by the University of Illinois, it is projected that a 7.7-magnitude earthquake along the New Madrid fault would leave 3,500 people dead, more than 80,000 injured and more than 7 million homeless. What if it’s bigger? Some suggest that should the Gulf floor erupt due to the interference of BP the entire Madrid fault line could open up empting the great lakes into the gulf. Especially as they have been fracking the entire region, destroying natural water reserves and fracturing the rock. What a way ot prepare an area for destruction while at the same time forcing people to buy water supplied by them as the natural wells have been polluted by their actions. It could split the country in two, from the Hudson Bay to the Gulf of Mexico along the Reelfoot Rift. I have no need to expand on what the results of that would be.

Topographic image of the Reelfoot Rift and the New Madrid Seismic Zone

You may think I am being alarmist but I think I am being conservative. I had another disturbing thought, what if it is all deliberate, if the stopping of the loop current was just a bonus in a much bigger plan designed to cripple the greatest free nation in our civilization? The inbreds have by lies, merciless deception, and murderous actions taken over much of the institutions of the United States in the same manner as they did Europe but should they ever be exposed enough people within the US remain free enough to cause them harm.  As I considered this I realised that if it is their plan then there would be other signs because they would look after themselves as the highest priority and Europe would become unpleasantly cold, so all of the inbred families would be looking to relocate.

It was then I remembered Denver airport and surrounds with all its mysterious underground features and nearby properties which were being purchased by those very same inbred families. Denver is on high ground well clear of the New Madrid fault and the Reelfoot Rift. I recall also hearing a rumor that there has been a steady movement of government from Washington to Denver as well. The more I consider it the more it fits. Suddenly the fact that the inbreds still have four, one million dollar a day rigs doing something in the region of the Deepwater well becomes darkly disturbing.

What if the ultimate plan is to trigger a massive earth movement in the Gulf? One so vast it sinks the Reelfoot Rift opening a channel from the Gulf to the Great lakes or beyond? The disruption to the United States would be massive, game changing, most of the east coast would be affected to varying degrees. An earth movement of this scale could well trigger other earth movements around the globe. The damage and loss of life would be tremendous. The west coast would also be affected but perhaps not in the ways envisaged. It is quite possible a rise may take place there rather than sinking. Either way the country would be stunned and the inbreds would seize the opportunity to take over.

This whole line of thought has depressed me somewhat as I do not like to be a predictor of doom and gloom. On the other hand I would rather say what I am thinking and perhaps in so doing prevent or hinder the result or help someone else, rather than to say nothing and watch it happen. These inbreds are parasites upon all humanity and should be given the same treatment they bestow on others.

We now hear of changes being detected in the Earth’s core, the Suns behaviours and the very space our world is travelling in. I think change when it comes regarding our climate will be sudden. We do indeed live in interesting times.


Author : Mud