Climate Change, the conspiracy to tax air and ….

One year ago I wrote that I was convinced that global warming was a lie, that it had been introduced slowly by stealth by who I now call the inbred families. Basically they are the self appointed rulers of our world and go by many names. They first introduced the “Greenhouse Effect” a theory on how heat gets trapped in an atmosphere and heavily promoted the idea that CO² was the primary cause of this. It was pointed out that we produced CO² with nearly everything we do, notably the very factories owned by this same group are the greatest generators of this gas.

They next increased the stress by taking advantage of a solar warming period and using this natural phenomenon to promote fear of a runaway greenhouse event. It was at this time that they started calling it “Global Warming”. This was also the time that the inbred’s provided cash (cash that was mostly accrued by ripping of the masses with similar scams in the past) for a politician to create an infomercial called “An Inconvenient Truth” a clever title which acknowledges that the truth to these people is inconvenient.

This politician was given a Nobel Prize for this infomercial! Yet in reality it has been completely debunked as containing lies, half-truths, false data models and modified graphs to promote the theme. It was pure propaganda and the prize awarded by the inbreds because of a successful distribution campaign. Mind you it did not stop him having one of the biggest carbon footprints of anyone on the planet or from making 52 million dollars on carbon credits. Understandable as he knows it’s all lies.

As people began the see through the lies the description was again altered to “Climate Change” now as the masses are starting to argue the point and question the false data that has been exposed via climate gate and the discovery that 70%+ of 1,221 U.S. weather stations are positioned in places considered unsuitable for accurate measurements by U.S. standards. For example next to air conditioner condenser’s, next to buildings and hot roof tops. Thus most stations are conveniently giving readings that are from 1c [33.8f] to 5c [41f] too high.

The 2 bottom pictures are 40 miles apart and show different results due to the proximity of development impact of land use changes.

Which brings us to the present and just recently we are starting to hear the latest term put to use, “Climate Disruption”. So what about all this terrible CO²? A good question and one I attempted to answer in last year’s post where it was shown that man’s input into the global quantities of CO² is insignificant. It may help to elaborate on what CO² is and the role it plays in our atmosphere.

CO² is approx. 385 ppm (parts per million) in the atmosphere at present.
CO² is barely above the lowest it has been in 600 million years, the average for the last 300 million years was 1,000 ppm.
CO² is not a toxin any more than oxygen is; in fact it is vital for life on earth. CO² is a non-pollutant and is required by plants; more CO² equals more plant growth and is used in greenhouses at levels up to 1,200 ppm to promote growth and reduce water needs as the more CO² the less water plants require. FYI if you reduce CO² to 200 ppm plants become ill, photosynthesis stops and they die, if plants die, no oxygen is created, with no oxygen we die. In the mid 1700’s CO² levels were at 270 ppm, most life on earth was very close to a mass extinction event, if it had fallen any lower….

CO² is a heavy gas so does not rise up in the atmosphere to form a shield to reflect heat back to the surface.
CO² can be breathed at levels of 6,000 ppm which is common enough in submarines and it would not be unusual for levels in an average meeting room to reach 1,000 ppm.
CO²’s absorption of heat is logarithmic, in other words the more there is the less heat it can absorb.

You could double the current amount of CO² in the atmosphere with no discernable effect. It would actually be beneficial if we could increase it to around 1,000 to 1,200 ppm to improve crops. To get an idea of what you need to do to achieve a doubling we would have to burn all known fuels and their reserves and then some.

To help gain some perspective on the amount of effect man is having on the earth’s environment lets imagine that you took all the pollutants that emit from mankind’s presence and put them into one outlet it would be equivalent to one small continuously erupting volcano. Suddenly we have a scale to work with.

There is much we do not understand but we can be sure that CO² is not the sort of major climate influencing gas that has been claimed. Humans do cause problems with our environment and we have made mistakes but CO² is not one of them, it is a natural non pollutant. What is clear is that any significant increase has nothing to do with man and his activities. What you do have is a program of manipulation to say humanity is guilty of causing an increase and so you must pay (read give control to inbred families) to prevent doom when the reality is we could benefit from more C0². Honestly are we so blindly stupid and easily programmed (hypnotised) that we will believe this? Get your heads out of the televised nonsense and other distractions and take a hard look at where we are being lead. Frankly it reads like what some refer to as the Club of Rome program and might I add is clearly outlined in the Georgia Guide Stones. Don’t know what these are? Look them up!

This whole charade ranks with the hole in the ozone scam these inbreds played us with. It was promoted in the same manner and is a prime example of “problem” “reaction” “solution” where they had access to the information ahead of the public, they promoted it as a “problem” requiring some solution through controlled channels, they used the media they own to generate a reaction among the people to demand that something be done about this “dire” situation caused we are told by CFC’s used in our fridges and fire extinguishers. In reality it was policies of military development also by their direction which caused the hole to be as big as it was. But opportunity knocks and these inbred’s never miss one to rip of the masses. So they present a “solution” which of course costs the masses large amounts of cash as they pay companies that belong to these inbreds to make the change over using different CFC’s. In the process we lost a very effective fire control method when we saw a single extinguisher having to be replaced with several to meet the same safety standards that had once been effectively met by one.

And you could ask what is so special about Ozone? Ozone is just oxygen and ultraviolet sunlight and we can make it fast so why the issue with the ozone hole? If we removed all the Ozone in the atmosphere it would be replaced by natural processes within 150 days, the reason we have a hole is because of atmospheric atomic tests, HAARP and other devices being used in atmospheric manipulations and the forming of the hole is an indicator of when this began. You will note that much is said about ozone depletion and nothing about ozone creation? Again we have an example of programming the masses by these inbreds that care nothing for the mass of humanity who they see as their slaves at best and an easy cash cow.

A year on and climate change is still being promoted despite all their models falling apart as the world follows its own path and from where I sit appears to be cooling. I think they are fully aware that we are heading into a little ice age and that the whole “climate change” scam has had more than one angle. Yes they would love to tax air and are pursuing this with enthusiasm as they cash in on anything and it helps mask their other motives.

One of which is their clearly stated plan to reduce the global population to just 500 million. How easy will it be if the greater half of the world is prepared for hotter times when the reality will be the opposite? We are being told that we can expect warmer times while in reality we are on the road to cooler time. It would be like dressing for the Australian desert and ending up in Antarctica. The results will be devastating for any not prepared.

To this end their plan to reduce power generation by 80% so as to reduce CO² will mean we are under powered when the cold hits. This will cause huge loss of life as many depend on electrical heating. They have hijacked all the environmental organisations with their cash so that they are observers and actually promote the inbreds agenda.

The sad part is we would handle global warming better as it would produce more usable land, hence more food production over a wider area and while there would be some initial deaths due to excess heat in cities, the reality is we see many more die from the cold.

We need to be making power stations to provide more energy, so we can provide energy to those that need it and in so doing create clean drinking water and sanitation for those that currently have none. By raising the standards for everyone we can make life better for the majority rather than allowing a greedy self-serving few to hoard away resources for themselves at the expense of others. I do not propose a communist system either which is in reality the same in practice but with more controls.

We need perspective, not the party line provided by the inbreds, where do you think the idea there are to many people came from? Did you know that if you gave every person 1,232 square metres (4,042 square feet) each to live in the entire worlds population would fit into Brazil? The average home size in the United States was 710 sq m (2,330 sq ft) in 2004. I am not saying we should do this but it helps get a visual on the numbers. If looked at like this you see there really is not the pressing need for culling so fondly promoted. And we could feed them all to if the money from military expenditures was used for peaceful purposes. In just one year we could make a diffence, in ten we could change the world.

We are entering into challenging times, the oceans have been in a cooler phase but we are starting to see warming from increased underwater volcanic activity, we know we have a cooling atmosphere from increasingly active surface volcanoes. This combination will produce more rain and snow, the cooling times will mean that the snows last longer and are deeper. It is believed by some scientists that lower solar activity and solar winds have resulted in an increase in cosmic rays reaching the atmosphere, increases cloud formation and this because clouds reflect 65% of solar radiation back into space has a cooling effect. If the past is a predictor of the future, these changes in solar activity will cause a 30 year period of cooling temperatures on earth and in fact it appears that this has already begun.

We also have natural earth cycles to consider. If we factor in the possible chance of a magnetic reversal and the evidence of history which shows cycles of regular climate changes with small 19 year, medium 605 year and long 11,500 year cycles and realise we are right on a 19 year as well as a possible 11,500 year cycle. It is not hard to reason a mini ice age is possible as we have had many times in the past marked by these same events.

Excluding recent ice ages the earth is currently cooler than it has been for the majority of the last 65 million years

Some say the glaciers are melting, I have been unable to find any evidence of this and it seems the opposite is true. I would expect to find that as the latest scare claim is debunked they will turn to methane as the next bogie man to scare the masses with. Barring more malicious acts. It is a greenhouse gas with thirty times the warming potential of CO² but let me state right now that it’s atmospheric quantities are so small that it would take an incredible release to affect anything. In fact one so huge we would have too many other things to worry about before we even begin to consider the warming effects. I would not be surprised if HAARP is employed to heat areas of the atmosphere in an attempt to forestall the cooling effects. I think this would be a dangerous ploy for anything living in the affected areas. We can only wait and see.

I see global cooling is a far greater threat and if water does start to be stored as ice the sea levels will fall and depending on the onset speed it could happen relatively quickly. The chances of a sudden rise in sea levels as mentioned so heavily in a certain infomercial are extremely unlikely.

Prepare for a cooler wetter time ahead.

We the people of this planet have a duty to do our own research and to not accept what the media serves us at face value as it is controlled by a small selfish group that has absolutely no interest in the welfare of any but themselves and their servants. Sadly the same can be said for much of academia who rely upon this same group for their incomes and in this manner are manipulated and controlled.

I am not a member of the Global Warming religion and will probably be labelled a denier for not supporting the dogma. Thats fine with me as I would rather not follow the gulliable into extinction.

Don’t take my word for any of this, do your own research, you will be surprised what you discover.

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