2011 doom parade, where to now?

I have been occupied with forum materials and have not posted here since last year. What stirred me to action now was my becoming increasingly irritated at the persistent propaganda being promoted by supposedly reputable documentary makers. Almost and maybe all the documentaries I have seen recently that have had any weather angle no matter how tenuous, particularly those of the BBC have managed to incorporate into the documentary the unsupported opinion that mankind is adding too much carbon dioxide to the air. The documentary that finally prodded me to action was a well-produced item on the Australian Great Barrier Reef.  For me this series was spoiled by the unnecessary insertion of what is clearly a propaganda piece to program the masses about climate change via global warming supposedly caused by mankind. Yes there has been warming in some areas of our world and the reef does react quickly but this has been recorded since the 1970’s that I remember when the Crown of Thorns starfish was also a threat.  We also see evidence of cooling in many places but this is rarely commented upon and bizarrely when it is mentioned it’s attributed to warming. The Earth is a dynamic living thing, it is not static, we know from geological studies that great changes can and do occur, often and quickly but it takes much, much more than the minor contributions we are making to induce them. Our Earth orbits another even more dynamic body called the Sun whose effects upon the Earth are dramatic yet those with a climate change agenda focused on global warming deliberately fail to see the connections. In fact the Sun rules virtually all that happens here on Earth.

The lengths being taken to program the masses into thinking this is the unanimous opinion of the academic world that it is their fault and the willingness of media organisations to go along with it demonstrates the investment being made. Scientists who are not working for organisations pay rolled by elites have no vested interest in supporting the climate change story due to man and willingly express amazement that global warming is being promoted at all. Clearly it’s a false flag and any rational person with a bit of research can easily verify for themselves that mankind’s emission’s at worst are equal to a very small active volcano.  So imagine the differences any of the recent eruptions in either South America or Iceland have made to the situation and these are just two of the many currently active and easily surpass man’s outputs by mega factors. I have already covered this in detail previously and nothing has changed with regard to this, we are not having any effect on C02 levels. I have heard some hopeful’s suggest that the elites would not promote climate change via global warming unless it was true because of their oil interests. But if you stop and think about that for a moment you will see how it would actually suit them nicely as the likelihood of any serious reduction in the usage of oil in the immediate future is remote but, being able to charge more for their product because of “carbon tax” requirements would be a bonus. Meanwhile it’s business as usual for the major polluters. And the more they take the less there is for the rest.

What has proved disappointing is the total blindness Main Stream Media continue to exhibit despite the growing awareness of the masses for the clearly evident havoc corporations are having upon the oceans in-particular and the world in general. Globally oil platforms leak crude into the seas all year round. Not once in all the history of oil spills have we ever successfully cleaned up one of them. No soap box pronouncements of impending doom about that particular item. But the advertisers are hard at work claiming all is well in places like the Gulf of Mexico.  No demands for action from the main stream media to get the continuing plume of radiation from Fukushima under control. This deadly situation has continued for nearly a year contaminating the entire northern hemisphere. No outrage at the sudden spike in thyroid cancers in the USA either, the coincidence and timing are hard to ignore.  On these topics the main stream media remains remarkably silent.  Are we surprised? Do we react? Are many of us even aware that these things are not fixed and have not gone away? For the greater part the answer is no, trust in the media has been nurtured to the point that what is said is accepted without conscious thought. So that the following BBC propaganda is provided to reassure those trusting them.

You would think that common sense would require attention to these issues but this doesn’t happen, why? These events are ignored because they raise questions those responsible for them would rather not answer and debts they definitely have no intention of paying. Admitting to them and fixing them would mean accepting the cost of doing so and negative cash flow is not a concept these groups are willing to tolerate. Much easier to hide it or if that’s impossible ignore it and let the people it affects suffer, after all they are only work units and of no real “value”.  They believe it is their divine right to take possession of everything including these “work units”, and as such can be discarded like any possession once it is no longer required.  So doing the right thing is onerous to them. The carbon dioxide fairy tale does not involve a loss of profit or doing something for the good of others but can be made to appear as if this is the case. Taxing air via a carbon tax is perfect, another income stream and one requiring global control, for them this would be a dream situation, for the rest of us a nightmare. The beauty of their scheme is that they can and do claim it’s the average person’s fault because they force them into supplying fossil fuels. They tactfully refrain from mentioning all the alternatives they have brought up, buried or murdered the inventors of to ensure no viable alternatives became available.

As if all this is not bad enough we can add to this mix escalation of rampant doom and gloom coming from the truth / alternative media, this has been particularly bad in 2011. Many seemed to have lost the plot and all sight of the values they are representing. Supposedly their mission is to expose the truth and assist mankind’s evolution out of this dark era. What is actually happening appears to becoming further and further from this. By way of example consider the radio program Coast to Coast created by Art Bell which is now a main stream media outlet since being sold and since that time has been steadily expanding at an ever increasing rate, continually pressing for subscribers, recently setting a goal of 2,000 new subscriptions a month. I suspect they are achieving many more. At 25c a day it sounds so reasonable but that equates to approximately $90 a year.  If one tenth of the audience subscribe this is a significant figure to be reaped from the public. For this they allow you to download old shows and call yourself a “Coast insider”. More recently the show has announced a move into the on-line supply of “goods” no doubt to take full advantage of the large number of people who follow the show as demonstrated by their subscriptions. I hope Art maintained a percentage income from the sale. Some could say this expansion is a good thing, and perhaps it is but to me it has lost its edge and seems more focused on cashing in. I don’t have a problem with people making money and if subscribers see value in the product all well and good.  However, in comparing past to recent shows a trend towards more main stream acceptable materials appears to be taking place; it has been a subtle but progressive change lead by George Noory who on the face of it comes across as a genuine and caring individual and very likely is, but who is now steering Coast to Coast?

The momentum of these change accelerated during 2011. In fact many of the main players in the alternative or truth media gave the impression they had gone off the rails in 2011. Richard Hoogland is an example of this phenomenon with his extreme take on the Comet Elenin / YU-55 situation, making unsupported unverifiable statements whose only function seemed designed to engender fear and doubt, statements which he took to remarkable extremes. He has unsurprisingly remained quiet since this particular event went poof.  I myself admit to liking some of the ideas put forward by Richard in the past, particularly those that cover ancient civilisations having reached out to the planets in out distant past, I find this more believable that aliens having done everything, all one has to do is open one’s mind to the possibilities and I have no issue with that but the Elenin material was presented as if the greater part was verified and delivered in an earnest and almost desperate manner. I to had been concerned about the Elenin material prior to this bizarre outburst and posted a small item on this blog. My concern was based on the remarkable amount of misinformation that was being promoted via social media sites and forums along with the lack of detail about the size and mass which is usually available from the likes of NASA even if it is later discovered to be wrong. This lack of data helped fuel the doubts circulating at the time. 

Another self-proclaimed leader of the enlightened David Willcox also ran aground in 2011. David’s main claim to fame has been that he believes himself to be the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. I am unconvinced by the evidences presented and his actions seem to me at least, to be a long way from those of Edgar. However I don’t know so reserve judgement on that. David does come across as an intelligent, articulate and motivated individual who does appear to genuinely care.  I was not impressed however by his performance one evening on Project Camelot radio hosted by Kerry Cassidy. As an aside, the choice of the name “Project Camelot” has always puzzled me for reasons I can’t quite put my finger on, like one of those echoes from the past of having read or seen something disturbing in relation to it. Any way back to David, apparently due to having interviewed Benjamin Fulford and posting information relating to this interview David received a death threat.   

The effect on David was dramatic and he was reduced to a blubbering mess directly because of this threat. I can sympathise with David on this as it is never pleasant to receive death threats, however I find it puzzling behaviour from someone who claims a higher knowledge of life to be so overcome by fear.  Bizarrely one of the conditions that had to be met to see David spared was that his site receives over 200,000 hits on the posted materials. Am I the only one who finds this a little strange? Why would someone who is threatening another’s life for posting information demand it get a certain number of hits?  Surely getting it taken down would have been the more logical request? Seems to me the only ones who would be concerned with the number of hits a site receives would be its owner and associated advertisers.

And there it is, the connection, money, this is what these all have in common, site traffic! So create a soap opera to snag peoples latent desire for drama and link back to your site for more details on what the fuss is about. Sites that coincidently have advertisements for your saleable products on them. I guess it was a happy coincidence that shortly afterwards David published another book, a compilation of generally known information with a couple of minor errors blended with a smattering of lesser known Russian research and a name change for a familiar concept but nothing particularly new or enlightening, most of the information has been freely available for a long time. A good read for the uninitiated and worthwhile for those people, I was hopeful of something more enlightening I guess.  A soap opera could have certainly helped make this a best seller. Clever marketing with a best seller as the result, nothing wrong with earning a living mind you I just find the methods a little worrying and familiar.
They are not alone in using this sales methodology as the leaders of manipulation have been using such tactics for years now.  The disturbing part is that it is the supposed truth / alternative media that are doing it. Which leads one to ask, what is the difference between them and the main stream media?  The one positive thing I got from all this is that clearly the world is not about to end! Why bother selling anything if it was? Surely it would be more beneficial to provide these works free of charge to maximise the possible benefit for mankind overall? No? Looking back over the year a clear pattern of pre-release events becomes apparent for each of those mentioned with the hand of advertising behind each one, it is so insidious and all pervasive you can easily imagine it a dark force. I am not saying David or any of these people are bad, though they could be; it is more likely that they are muddling along like most of the rest of us, sometimes making mistakes along the way.
Advertising organisations on the other hand have long been known to be the hands of the elite, it is via their efforts that the masses are programmed and manipulated, control via the advertising dollar gives the means to affect the lives of many, and soon they find that they rely on those dollars. The trap closes. What better way to manipulate the masses, a typical elite tactic is to control both sides of a war. So taking control of the truth / alternative media is an obvious move, one they have clearly accomplished years ago. I fully expect the same applies to everything they do. The phrase “never give a sucker an even break” comes to mind.
My feelings about advertisers and the main stream media has been summed up rather well by the late great Bill Hicks:

If, as I suspect the elites control both sides of the media one needs to exercise even more caution with regard to what is presented.  And so here we are in 2012 having survived the Y2K hysteria, the tragic lie that was 9/11 and 2 second comings of Jesus both of which were apparently postponed due to lack of donations or some such thing.

We are now expected run around in fear and panic because of the media predictions made for 2012. Let us look at the source of this prediction of doom. We find the information provided by the Mayan prophet Lord Pacal (circa 603-683 AD) who claimed the end of the Maya calendar marks the end of time. This statement is taken by many as an indicator of impending doom and disaster from which none will escape. But Lord Pacal continues: “Change will take place, humanity will be subjected to serious trials and tribulations that will have a positive impact on human consciousness and herald a time of peace and harmony after the turmoil is over”.

He did not say it will be the end of the world but the time of a tremendous change in human consciousness. With luck the dominating masculine left brain logic energies will merge with the feminine right brain intuition energies ending confrontations in polarity and give birth to an Oneness consciousness according to some sources. The return to how things were before the interventions detailed in the Greek and other ancient legends.

Yet what do we hear from both sides of the media fence? “The Maya predicted the end of the world, Woe is us,” the media cry! “Let us make movies and sell them!” The elite say. Oddly I got a different impression from the information, what I read is turmoil and hope. Turmoil we have had in spades for centuries so nothing new there, if it requires one more lot to break out of this soap opera I am all for it. I do not see this as a reason for fear and panic for even the most fearful of people. And as noted earlier we have a few of them about. I think that love of self and others combined with wary anticipation is a more reasonable approach. 

So we have the Maya to thank for all the fuss, well maybe but I am sure if that calendar had not survived the Catholic purge of the Americas something else would have been found to predict doom with. The Mayan Long Count Calendar started in the year 3114 BC and will end on the 21st of December 2012.  (We think because that is the equinox) This is one fifth of the precession cycle of 25,920 years. This period of time was called a Sun. The Maya have recorded the passing of four Suns making this the last Sun which happens to coincide with a full processional cycle. (Some disagree and think we are at the half way point but that would mean the astrological ages are out as well) It is this that has others speculating that the world will end as a result also. Seems a leap really and while stuff may well happen we managed to survive the last four. It has happened many times in the past without the world ending.
Granted the evidence suggests it was rough on occasions but it did not end. In fact that same evidence indicates man played a significant role in making it worse than it needed to be. A path a current day minority wish to repeat this time around. I am sure if the Ancient Maya were about today they would just make a new calendar for the new Sun cycle. And who knows perhaps Lord Pacal did mean that time would end literally, what does that mean? Time being dimensional it could well end in the linear sense; this would be a radical idea but is purely speculation. I cannot presume to know what Lord Pacal meant exactly as the language and cultural gaps are wide. It is clear that total destruction was not meant as why bother going on to describe a potentially positive outcome for the end of the fifth Sun and birth of the new?

So then what’s all the fuss about? Clearly this potentially positive outcome does not suit the current controllers of the world as their methods would no longer work, in fact should a consciousness change become manifest very little of what they consider important will have any relevance at all. But I imagine that they believe they can corrupt the outcome by implementing and enforcing their favoured control method of fear to focus people on the doom and gloom at every turn. Tricking the people into co-creating the illusion they are trapped which does engender fear among the uniformed and provides a handy distraction preventing them from seeing or understanding until it’s too late the things the elites are really doing and planning in plain sight, like invading countries and stealing wealth with ever increasing boldness all the while lying blatantly about it, safe in the knowledge that most are too scared, distracted or programmed to notice or care. That is their fondest wish, luckily things are not going as well as they had planned. 
The people are being continually and prepared and conditioned for a manufactured disaster and the Maya are just one of the many methods being employed to build this sense of impending doom.  I suspect the recent confused and over the top doom related materials coming from the truth / alternative media are part of this process, and if one or more of them prove to have misled the masses, then what? Who will know what to believe? When real events do start to occur many will be so jaded by the previous stupidities and false alarms that they will ignore any legitimate warnings and fail to take adequate action to protect themselves from disaster because they have lost all faith in the alternative media. Look around and tell me this is not so, tell me the so called leaders of this media are acting honestly and providing verifiable material. Show me any among them with their failed predictions standing up and saying we messed up on that one.

When considering the materials put out by any media, use discernment and look for verification, a lot of the time what you find is either based on very old information, unbridled speculation or upon rumour and innuendo, this sadly has become the main method of the leaders of the truth / alternative media, speculation fuelled by imagination that often requires credulity. The main stream media however just lie. This is simpler and often harder to detect because of the long term programmed acceptance of their word as gospel combined with their habit of backing each other up. Very handy to own the media, makes manipulation a simple thing. This does not make everybody from either side bad or suspect, in fact there are many dedicated honest people out there doing the best they can with the information they have, piecing together what they know and sharing it freely from both sides of the fence. 

And we can all speculate to a degree, like I shall now just for fun:
In the time ahead I would watch for sacrifices as no doubt that will be next. The coloured rings of the circus present an opportunity that will be hard to pass up. Still other opportunities abound and as they feel cornered by the growing exposure of their ambitions brought about by the increasing awareness of the masses and the litigation being sought against them we are likely to see a spiral of desperate actions to further their desire for total control.
I believe that if you can convince enough people that something will happen then with a little help chances are it will, so it is time to move away from the sky is falling mentality so heavily promoted and focus on exposing and removing of these deluded psychopaths. The time of these sharp witted but inherently insane parasites on humanity is drawing to a close and no matter what happens they will become extinct by their own hand. The path they have set for themselves ensures the outcome.
It is at this point I would like to make some observations.
For my mind and this is a personal view, if your giving or selling to benefit yourself, then it’s a Service To Self. If you’re giving or selling to benefit others then it’s a Service To Others.
Knowledge is a gift that should be shared, knowledge protects.
If you look back over the past decades you will notice that certain whistle blowers have met with untimely ends while others have been able to “cash” in on their whistle blowing without harm. The distinction again is clear.
I have learned that if you have a gift you should give of it freely, and the world will reward you, if you charge for the gift then you stand the chance of losing it and more.
This is why the truly gifted only accept donations and never set a fee for their services, they understand this rule. It is worthwhile considering this when looking at the vast number of places that require you to subscribe to get the “inside” information. They have no great insight; they are just as confused as the rest of us if not more so. They are in the best case scenario making a living out of providing access to public domain information they have put together to those willing to pay them or in a worst case scenario are there to misinform, mislead and create fear while leeching from as many as possible.
The best information is always given freely. Let your inner feelings and intuition guide you rather than be a repeater of others thoughts and words. 

What will the future bring?  A chance for me to speculate a little more as it’s in human nature. I would not be surprised to see a series of “confirming” events leading up to December 2012 although I suspect the bulk of the real nasty stuff will happen in secret on many levels. Just prior to the selected end of the world day will be quiet, this will be the harvesting time for doubt. Like the lull before the storm. I do not wish for or believe that anything will happen but I will be watching for manmade events initiated to take advantage of the fear factor so extensively developed. Meanwhile here in 2012 as in 2011 we are seeing changing weather, volcanoes, earth quakes and other natural changes on an increasing scale. We may even experience a pole shift, perhaps magnetic, perhaps physical, maybe both. 
There are wars and rumours of wars. So what? It’s all manipulation and speculation. I welcome these changes if that’s what it takes to be rid of our self-elected leaders, so be it.  The writing is on the wall and clear for all to see, the United States that once proud nation has declared war on the world and incredibly its own people. The real terrorists are attempting to take over the world, want proof? Ask who controls Libya now and how did they get there? These thieves who own the banks and are yes men for the true rulers are preparing for the end game. That is not speculation but cold hard fact based on what’s happening in plain sight, yet only a few see it. 
The mode of operation has worked for them so many times in the past they have confidence in it working again. The difference is that the people are different, the wave is upon us and change is knocking at the door, the world is changing with us not because of us, not in the ways claimed by the inbreed elites, those changes like those they refrain from mentioning are the result of their greed and corruption. Ultimately their deliberate manipulations of the environment will become clear to even the most heavily programmed. The following video gives some insight into their actions in an area they would rather we knew nothing.

Their clearly stated aim of getting rid of the rest of us will fail as they get left behind by their own choice. And yes they have been telling us for some time now what their plans are.  So stand up and be heard or you will allow their reality to manifest. I for one think we can make a better choice. And so I will sign off with some positive speculation.

Would it not be ironic if in their end game panic they released a virus to take us out only to have it mutate to only affect those vaccinated against it?

Requiring our saving them, that would be poetic justice on an epic scale.

Author : Mud