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Global Warming?

Global warming, the great environmental catch cry of the last century and one that is becoming more strident in the opening years of the new century. What is it? It is an idea proposed in the 1970’s under the term “The Greenhouse Effect”. The idea was that if global carbon dioxide (C02) emissions continued to […]

Our changing World

Firstly let me share some information I have learned from others. Our hearts tell our brains what to do 70% of the time, our heart produces 60 times more energy than our brain, so doing what our heart wants to do is the smart move. Listen to your feelings.  I already understood this one. Did you […]

A brief history of Terra — Near the beginning —

(A short story) Spin me back down the years to a long, long, long ago time, before we chose the path we now follow, or have the bodies we now inhabit, to a time when we were free. The world below shone bright, its atmosphere composed of miles of gaseous water which hid the land […]

The Messiahs Handbook

I first compiled this little collection into a small black book in 1981 as a reference and reminder to myself that there are more important things to consider in life. Collecting the wisdom of those that have gone before that I found inspiring or helpful, this book was formed, and while it is not a comprehensive […]

So whats going on?

It seems that finally there is a move to acknowledge the existence of the possibility of water and life on other planets. There have been comments on water being “discovered” on the Moon and on Mars from NASA as well as other “reputable” sources. To me this is the start of a process to tell the […]

A word or two on belief

I do not think it is a valid idea to have “faith” in a thing to the degree that you just hope against hope that a certain thing is true. Especially if you consider that any truth in this existence is at its best a half truth. We have the nature of the density of […]

The way we are

Separate consciousness, that which is us, an individual awareness able to perceive that it is separate and alone. This makes us constantly aware of our state of isolation and seek to find some form of companionship or belonging. We perceive our world as extensions of ourselves, we have our group, our town, our state, our […]

Attack on Gaia

On the 20th April 2010 eleven men paid the ultimate price for the ambition and greed of a select few. From 10 miles away – 21/04/2010 Today the 3rd of July 2010 as I type many other lives hang in the balance because these same self serving people hide and lie about the information needed […]

The Dream

What is this scene, did I dream this dream? I don’t remember the start, standing in a crowd with a empty heartI was told she would come, that she would be the oneShe would from the start, fill the void in my heartBut in this dream I ‘m in a different scene Did I miss you? […]

Attack on Gaia (Update)

Gulf of Mexico update. Things in that region are just getting weirder. Apart from the strange “coincidental” date of the incident (19th / 20th April) A date that has often been the one somehow chosen for significant events in the United States. I remember when the Gulf incident was first reported that there were questions […]

Attack on Gaia (continues)

I have been distracted of late and have been even less productive than normal. I would have thought that impossible but it seems I can manage it.  Well I hope the fog clears soon. One of the things that has distracted me is the ongoing Gulf of Mexico disaster. I have seen many reports of […]

What if?

One of the most disturbing things I have observed being an avid reader is that a significant number of books written as fiction have over the course of time become reality. This has been particularly true of the Science fiction stories I am fond of. It has been suggested that these authors have somehow looked […]

Beyond Time

Beyond times veiled frontier  Where borders blur by unknown thoughts   There is the faceless girl I sought.    I see her hair the colour of sky’s deepest night  Talking to flowers by ancient stones   Of memories hidden with time and in bones.    She tells the wind her story as above in space […]

Beautiful Voices

In line with the statement that I would share some of the music in my world here is a selection of tracks from the Beautiful Voices Collection created by MDB. MDB is a radio DJ with a special ear for music, he has over time compiled 50 cd’s in the Beautiful Voices Series and all […]

Attack on Gaia (revisited)

The Gulf of Mexico has featured here a couple of times, the first time in July when I mentioned it as a follow on from the Timor spill which affected 78,000 square kilometres of the Timor sea and took 74 days to stop. While I had not written about the Timor incident I had monitored […]

Zeitgeist Addendum

Peter Joseph’s first movie Zeitgeist The Movie which I highly recommend. (follow the link to watch). Presents the viewer with the harsh reality of our existance trapped in this loop of oppression and explains how we got here. The second movie displayed above is a definate must see, most will already be aware of many of the points […]

Attack on Gaia – (Expands)

As I have said before, I found the date of the Deepwater horizon incident disturbing in the light of previous events in the USA. Astrology has played a pivotal role in that country from the beginning and when events start following a pattern it is time to pay attention. On the 20th April 1985 the […]

On behalf of all Elites

We’d like to thank you. Because you make it easy for us and we know you’ll never win the lottery. We control that and know exactly who will, in fact we control all money. On the other hand, it’s a sure bet that you’ll slave away at some miserable job your entire life. That’s because […]

2010 the year Gaia gave notice

Blizzards, droughts, earthquakes, floods, heat waves, landslides, tropical storms, tornadoes, tsunamis, volcanoes. This year like no other has given us all a reason to take notice of our world. We have experienced record highs and lows within the weather systems, the jet streams are going into places they never have before. The world trembles with volcanoes […]

Climate Change, the conspiracy to tax air and ….

One year ago I wrote that I was convinced that global warming was a lie, that it had been introduced slowly by stealth by who I now call the inbred families. Basically they are the self appointed rulers of our world and go by many names. They first introduced the “Greenhouse Effect” a theory on […]

The ELEphaNt IN the room

As most will know we have the so called comet Elenin making its closest approach 0.482 AU (The distance between the Earth and the Sun is equal to 1 AU) to the Sun (Perihelion) on the 11th of September 2011 (a 9/11 coincidence) at which point it also crosses the plain of the elliptic. I […]

Beautiful Voices – Gondwana

The second compilation from the Beautiful Voices collection by MDB. DOWNLOAD Pass = mudsworld Covers included Previous

2011 doom parade, where to now?

I have been occupied with forum materials and have not posted here since last year. What stirred me to action now was my becoming increasingly irritated at the persistent propaganda being promoted by supposedly reputable documentary makers. Almost and maybe all the documentaries I have seen recently that have had any weather angle no matter […]