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Welcome to Lost Worlds Network
With an undiluted perplexity of imperfect mind not often found outside of the purple wobblie brigade somehow you have stumbled here for reasons we dare not question...
So feel free to enjoy all the Lost Worlds Network has to offer... and when we are able to enjoy what we plan to offer there will be a fundamental flaw discovered in how reality was constructed out of sticky back plastic and cereal boxes.

And our affiliation with pure evil is greatly exaggerated we are only affiliated with the cute and fluffy oh and low flying mountains purple wobblies you know the usual.

On a side note some of the content contained on this site may not be suitable for certain sections of the population these may include but are not limited to ghosts, pregnant women, religous types, people who suffer from id 10t disorder, those who have recently undergone multiple autopsies/unsanctioned abductions, unspecified non terrestrials and perhaps timelords.

-- Good luck
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